Why We’re Different

Bigger is not better

Bigger simply is not better when it comes to talent acquisition. Because of our size, repeat clients and single industry focus within Technology, we are able to approach our contacts at almost every sized competitor to surface the best within the industry. Since our beginning, we have had a greater than 98% success rate in completing each retained position we were contracted to fill, while the industry average remains 65%.

Partner ownership of identifying candidates

Searches are won or lost during research and recruitment. Far too many companies delegate candidate sourcing to an inexperienced staff. These junior staffers come across as uninformed novices when calling prospects, and are quickly dismissed by potentially serious candidates. They have little concept of the nuances of the target position to be filled, and lack the skills for converting a disinterested source into a potentially viable candidate.

Unlimited Slate of Talent

Having a select client base allows us to approach high-caliber executives from a wider universe of direct and indirect Technology employers. This diverse slate allows our clients a full spectrum of talent to assess, greater confidence in finalizing the search and results in a much quicker time to complete the assignment. Our average ratio time in completing an assignment is 100 days while the industry average within larger firms remains at 180 days.

Non-solicitation policy

We offer a company-wide non-solicitation policy that larger firms simply cannot. It’s impossible to be considered a partner to your client when a firm places a candidate for one practice then recruits away a candidate from another.

Client-centric approach

Our client-centric approach focuses on personalized, detailed attention. We handle no more than 14 searches per year. This minimizes the inability to reach candidates due to conflicts with another client and maximizes effectiveness – resulting in the highest search completion ratio among the industry leaders. As a dedicated partner to your company, we assure that under no circumstances will we recruit away any talent employed with your firm in any global location or division for one full year from the candidate’s start date.