Wesson & Associates is a premier, nationally recognized provider of executive search services for the Technology and Professional Services industries. We are a boutique firm with the same advanced technology and infrastructure as larger firms, yet malleable and energetic to better serve our clients.  We chose this route as it provides us with access to a larger-than-average talent pool, placing us among the highest-ranked executive search firms for placement in less than 100 days.

One Partner

Each aspect of the search is critical and why we developed our unique 1:1 collaboration® model. We are one of the only firms that dedicates a certified research assistant on an exclusive basis supporting one-to-one the partner executing the assignment, from start to finish. In larger firms, researchers run 10-15 searches at any given time, resulting in a poor slate of talent and lost time. Our exclusive relationship results in a strong slate of candidates for every assignment at unparalleled speed.

Blue Chip Clients

Our services include a history of marquis clients such as:


Proprietary Database

Wesson + Associates utilizes a state-of-the-art custom proprietary database featuring Outlook integration, mobile access, candidate screening/assessment, virtually unlimited storage, automated resume import, full text and smart search ability, and VOIP integration. This system allows us to provide real-time search metrics and progress reports to our customers. Our centralized management system is where our professional network of contacts is organized within their respective company, by industry and vertical. We have created associations to include competitors of prospective clients and co-workers, peers, and confidants of candidates. This has been developed through years of hard work, enthusiastic outreach and diligent follow-up. Each contact is continuously updated with recent accomplishments, award recognition’s, and bios/resumes. With this data, we are able to help candidates stay current and marketable with employers of choice.

Our Difference

Through years spent forging deep relationships with our candidates and clients, we are viewed as credible, trusted advisors. We are headhunters by training and experience, and realize the importance of longstanding and strong relationships, upholding the highest ethical standards and constantly deepening our domain expertise for our clients.