Our process leaves no stone left unturned, nor any milestone lost to inexperience. We take an exhaustive approach to understanding the companies we serve and the talent we seek. Our client’s goals become our goals, and we pursue our client’s interest with the highest level of integrity and drive. Each project is approached with a concise and thorough process that is custom tailored to each client and each specific assignment.

Our Process

O1 Kickoff
  • Meet with the client and key team members tied to the organization and interview process
  • Profile necessary qualifications and experience needed
  • Assess the organization's culture, challenges and pace
  • Target list of top 15 competitors and outliers of where to recruit. This list is also guaranteed in the contract.
  • Develop position specs and set search strategy
O2 Candidate
  • Leverage 50 personal relationships each day for 10 business days to direct recruit or source for the position
  • Conduct behavioral interviews for each potential candidate focusing on technical skills and personal characteristics
  • Information gathering/market analysis provided at Day 11
O3 Candidate
  • Most qualified candidates are submitted with detailed resumes, career synopsis and written analysis against position specs
  • Heavy recruitment continues
  • After 2nd round of interviews, current paycheck stub is presented
  • Off-the-grid references are checked (those not provided by the candidate)
O4 Close
  • Finalist candidates brought in for panel/final interview
  • Final references (client/professional) completed
  • W2 forms presented
  • Offer negotiations and candidate counsel
  • Background verification
O5 Transition +
  • Post-hire 90 day review
  • 360 degree follow up with hiring team and candidate